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  • featherhawk news - Share in the ongoing explorations and discoveries about the essences and vibrational healing, stories about making and using essences, testimonials from customers, classes and events, and monthly special offers, published the first week of each month. Near the end of each month there is a reminder email about the current sale prices ending, plus the occasional extra notice for other reminders, classes or special announcements.
  • Water: The New Science - Water is one of our most important resources. From the time I began making essences* in 1992, I've studied and researched water so I could provide the best water I can find or produce to support them. In the second week of each month, you'll discover how to keep your water as safe as possible, improve the structure of the water you drink and use in your home, who is researching what in the world of this 'new science', the people researching this amazing topic, and lots more.
  • Words to Contemplate... and more - This newsletter is published the third week of each month. It's a collection of favorite quotes plus links to articles, videos, cartoons and websites that may inspire or aggravate and, hopefully, make you think.
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